Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Icelandic design in Helsinki

Iceland has many talented designers and interesting design but for some reason we don't hear much about it. Now there is a chance to learn a little about the talent on that beautiful island. Today Design Forum in Helsinki opened a exhibition on Icelandic contemporary design. The exhibition features Icelandic furniture, product design and architecture. I was quite impressed, especially by the architecture.
The exhibition is open daily 1.12.2011 – 8.1.2012. Go get inspired!!!

P.S. There is also an Icelandic shop-in-shop in Design Forum so you can buy some of the designs. I had to spend some money there...

In these photos work by Basalt architecs, small tables or shelves by Snaefrid Porsteins and Sigridur Sigurjonsdottir and volcanic sand vase by Studio Bjöss.


  1. yay, I work at Basalt architects :)

  2. Great work and nice to hear from you!